supported projects & sponsors

Some of the most successful projects supported by us are or have been:

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CVT-Myanmar (Sarnen, Switzerland supporting Myanmar)

Helping children to finish their schooling and learn a real profession to help them with future employment. Link:

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Bassotu (Altendorf, Switzerland supporting Tanzania)

Building Schools and weekly boarding facilities for the students whose home is far away, supporting health care and educating young people in skills that will give them a better future in Tanzania. Link: http://hilfswerk-­

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Association Moptimistes (Morges, Switzerland supporting Mali)

Since its creation, Kids with a Cause Europe has supported this organisation. We support Ass. Moptimistes in their work to provide education and training to children and practical help to their families in a zone often affected by conflict. Today, some of the first children taken into the centre are adults and stay there teaching other children, as we show in our presentation. Link:

Cartons du Coeur (Switzerland supporting Swiss people)

Organise food parcels for children and families in need, in many regions of Switzerland. Link:

We are fortunate to have many donors, some of whom prefer to remain anonymous. If you are interested in the full history of Kids with a Cause Europe with all its projects, you will find a lot more information in the download section as well as on social media.

Sponsors to KWACE: