Introducing children to the concept of helping other children in need

Our mission

img-our-mission-1Our Mission is to motivate children and young people to make the world a better place, by actively participating in philanthropic actions that will have a positive impact on the future of disadvantaged children. The sense of achievement in helping others is a profit in itself and one that our volunteers also greatly benefit from.

We do pre-finance projects to raise money for children and young people in need. Therefore, we are always looking for schools and other organisations, which are willing to cooperate with us and realise a project that will raise money for education, orphanages and health care of children and adolescents who need our help. The kids participating in the projects are free to choose the organisation that will receive img-our-mission-2 the profit earned. Children participating in our actions are encouraged to be involved in a very “hands-on” way. No matter what their age, with our support, they develop many skills from the initial planning through to the completion of the project.

Of course there are a number of organisations in Switzerland and around the world that we support. We make it a rule that these have to give us regular feedback regarding the use of any funds they receive from us. So if you or your students cannot decide what organisation to nominate as recipient, we will be pleased to suggest some for you to consider.


Ms. Shawne Fielding
President Ms. Shawne Fielding, a well-known children’s activist.
Ms. Franca Price
Founder and Executive Director, Ms. Franca Price is the former Executive Director and board member of the Audrey Hepburn Foundation, Switzerland.
Board Member Ms. Zhu (Yolanda) Gui, is specializing in hospitality management at Ecole hoteliere, Lausanne. She became interested in joining KWACE after helping out at an event organized in 2016, and is a welcome addition, representing the younger generation.
Board Member Mr. J. William Tavelli, has served on several charitable committees since obtaining his MBA from the American Graduate School of Business in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland.


Ms. Irene R. Lengui
Ms. Irene R. Lengui, responsible for graphics and CI
Ms. Antoinette Price
Ms. Antoinette Price, responsible for PR
Mr. Leo Price
Mr. Leo Price, consultant in sport events etc.
Mr. Christian Bufalino
Mr. Christian Bufalino, IT-specialist and web consultant
Ms. Tanja Ilic
Ms. Tanja Ilic, co-leader office Zurich region, realisation and organisation of projects